BetDash Mobile

Think you have what it takes to convert £100k into £1Million

You get a virtual bankroll of £100k to spend on sports betting

Convert your bankroll from £100k to £1Million

You've got 10 days to reach the target, so bet hard and smart

Stake anything from £2 to £500* and win up to 25x your stake

Get Started with a€25 Free Game* * With Buy-ins of €10 and up

The Ultimate Challenge

Can you reach the magical Million?

The challenge of the game is to convert your £100k Bankroll into £1 Million over a 10 day period. If you reach the £1 Million target your prize money is banked and you enter the 'Bonus Round'.

Real or Fake?


"I'm here to bet, not to play games"

The only thing that's virtual in BetDash is the bankroll. You stake real money on the game, you bet on real sports, and you win real cash returns.


A Helping Hand

Options for the Novice and the Pro

Each level has a number of bonuses available which are unlocked through gameplay; the lower the level, the more bonuses on offer.


Be a Better Bettor

BetDash will improve your betting skills

BetDash forces you to strategize. You're not betting for payback on a single event, you're approaching the 10-day period with a plan of attack.


Follow the Leader

What if you could bet like a Pro?

We've drawn back the curtain on sports-betting to give you the best possible chance to win. BetDash provides you with the tools to follow the most successful players and easily copy their bets.


Get Started with a€25 Free Game* * With Buy-ins of €10 and up
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